We are living in a world where today’s scenario is completely a digitalised , everything is like a conjure in a business so making an online presence for your business is necessary to be there in order to reach large number of the audience at a time. For this there are various ideas which can be used by the businessman in order to succeed and exist in the competitive business environment. One of the popularly used idea by almost all the business organisations is website building. The website is the representation of various webpages containing the particular content under the similar domain name.   It is particularly produced by the web-designer hired by the organisation.

Today everybody is taking the complete advantage of the websites. If we talk about the Start-up organisations i.e., the organisations which are new to this competitive environment and are not more than 5 years in the business environment. Where today’s youth always go for starting their own business using their innovative start-up business ideas so, the website is like a boon for their business , proved to be a helping hand to increase their popularity and their business products or services. The importance of website development for start-ups is explained as below:

Increasing the online traffic: the website development for start-ups, using the necessary keywords and displaying the relevant content on the website is the most important factor to exist in the business environment, as it increases the online traffic i.e., whenever the customer searches for the relevant keyword and the organisation has also used that keyword for their content, this can make the searcher to show the blog of our company to which the audience will refer and will get to know about the product/service, features, price lists and offers related to it.`

Saves the cost: when an organisation is new to the business environment, it may cost a large amount of money in order to make their place in the minds of the customer and thus growing in this competitive environment. But if that start-up organisation will have the proper website for all presenting all its content then it can save a huge cost of the business man and more and more audience can be attracted.

Evaluation of the performance: the website for any organisation can help it to evaluate their performance and shortcomings in their performance if any. The Google Analytics tool is used for this purpose where the online traffic, the sources for the online traffic, the time slot of the day when the traffic is large, etc are some of the factors analysed from the organisation and the business man can refer this information for the future decisions.

Making the online presence: making the online presence or to appear yourself on the online platforms is most important in a business nowadays. And when it comes to the start-up business organisation having the online presence is must in order to attract huge audience at a time and make them more knowledgeable about our product or service offered. And website very clearly serves this purpose.

Maintaining the relationship with the customers: today customer is treated to be a god, whichever wish he/she makes; its fulfilment is the prime goal of every businessman and thus the website serves this purpose well where we can build a separate column or feedback section for the customers to respond upon it so that they can give their valuable suggestions and feedback towards the product for the better future results.

– Nupur Budhiraja